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Trapo Oxtra Ultra Fast Charging Cable

Oxtra Supercharged Cordless Vacuum is designed for convenience and functionality. We packed unparalled suction power into a packaged small enough to be carried around, so you can clean your car anytime, anywhere, keeping it as new as you first bought.



• 2.4A Charging & 480Mbps Data Transfer
• Qualcomm QC 3.0 Supported
• Dual Layer Outer Protection (Braided Wire)
• Phone Overcharge Protection (Auto Stop charging when reach 100%)
• Two side charging available
• Bidirectional inner mold for greater durability
• Material : Premium TPE , high tensile strength and flexibility
• Length : 100cm
• Color : Matte Black
• Up to 50% Faster than conventional cable (Must paired with adapter)
• 6 Months Warranty